Valentine’s Day

Good morning, Universe.

It’s been a while. I apologize for my absence. I know I said I’d write more and I’ve been letting myself down in that respect, so I apologize.

I tend to do that with everything in my life, not just writing. I have this vision of grandeur that I’ll write more, I’ll work out, I’ll eat better, I’ll be more social, and it always flops back and I never have the motivation to change it. It makes it extremely hard to get anything done. But…I want to get better. When I say something like that, I want to hold myself to it. No excuses. If I don’t have time to work out, to write, etc…I need to MAKE time for it. It’s not like it can’t be done. The amount of time I spend reblogging things on my Tumblr or watching The Office for the 100th time through is astounding. Seriously. I’m at the point where I know which episode it is by the first 2 seconds of the opening clip. It’s bad. But at the end of the day…I have to make myself do it.

I know I can, it’s just a matter of sticking to it. I’m really going to give it my all, though. Besides, the gym that I have a membership at, they charge by the year. So I committed to a year of membership at this AMAZING gym. I really need to actually go on a regular basis. Not just because I want to get healthy but because I’m PAYING for it. Literally. Money on a monthly basis goes to this gym. So if I don’t go, I might as well take $50 out of my bank account and throw it in the trash.

Anyway….that’s not what this entry is supposed to be about. I actually just wanted to write about Valentine’s Day. The Mr. and I had a great night. I hate when Valentine’s Day is on a week day, but…we still made it special. We both left work a little early and went to this restaurant called The Melting Pot. It’s this cool fondue place. You basically have a pot on your table and put stuff in it. You might even say you melt things in it…Get it? Because…melting…pot…*Ahem*

Anyway! It was a four course meal (so much for getting healthy, amirite?) To be honest it wasn’t that bad. It was just a lot. So the first pot is a cheese fondue. We got this one that had some bourbon in it…bacon…cheddar. Need I say more? It was really yummy. Then we had some salads. They have a really good house dressing. Then they brought out our pot to cook in. They had specials for Valentine’s Day entrees so we went with “Lover’s Delight” which was basically some filet mignon, sirloin, pork, and some pot stickers. Then they gave us some batters to use if we wanted and cook them in the oil. It was super yummy. Then we finished off with our dessert pot which was chocolate with espresso. Dipped some fruit, pound cake, etc in that and then wanted to die. Seriously haha I was so full, but it was really yummy. Oh! On our table, there were flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. It was really sweet. The Mr. got me a new pair of TOMS shoes (which I wanted so bad) . It was just a really nice day.

By the time we got home it was still early enough that we both got to play some video games before bed. I had a really great day.

Oh, side note, I need to get back into playing Ukelele. I love my Ukelele. I saw some pictures of it yesterday on Instagram and I had a huge itch to pick it up again, but…it’s so hard to play. Granted, my nails don’t make it any easier. I should really take a break from having nails right now anyway. It would save me money, I could play guitar/uke again, I wouldn’t have to make time to go every two weeks. Plus, I’m sure my real nails underneath the acrylic could use a break. I just hate how my nails are weak and ache so bad after taking the acrylic off. I s’pose I could just learn how to play with nails. Maybe it’s not so hard. Online tutorials? Anyway…I’m rambling at this point.

Sealed with a kiss,


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