La La Land

“City of Stars, are you shining just for me?”

Hello there.

Last night the Mr. and I saw the film La La Land. I typically don’t go crazy over a film like this, but a long time ago I saw an ad for it and it had an estimated date for release. Of course I forgot when and hadn’t realized that it was in theaters. I was so excited that I asked the Mr. if he wanted to go see it that day. Spur of the moment thing. He said yes because of course I knew he was dying to see a film that was essentially a giant musical. (Not. But he knew it would make me happy)

Anyway, we decided to go to the 4:05 PM showing at a theater near us. We arrived minutes before the movie was scheduled to start but to our dismay the tickets were completely sold out. Which was shocking in itself since the film had been out for a month already. I felt so deflated. I so wanted to see this film and finding out that it was sold out was absolutely heart breaking. Somehow knowing that it had already been out for a month made it worse because I wasn’t sure I’d get the chance to see it in theaters at all.

So we got back into my car and drove all the way back home. We decided to check other theaters to see if they were showing it and we found one in the other direction that had a showing at 7:15 PM. We didn’t really want to go to a film so late on a work night, but…decided that I wanted to see it bad enough to go to the 7:15 PM showing. So we bought our tickets ahead of time to avoid any sold out possibilities and left our house an hour and a half early so we could get good seats. When we arrived, we were the first in the theater and managed to get great seats right in the middle. A few more people filtered in but it wasn’t a packed theater. (At this moment I was thankful we didn’t get a ticket at the 4:05 showing because we definitely wouldn’t have had good seats or a mostly empty theater).

Eventually the film came on and from the moment it started until the moment it came to end, I was floored. This film was absolutely breathtaking. The soundtrack is beautiful, the story line is so romantic and dreamy. I think it struck a chord with me specifically because I love singing and writing so much. I’m an artist at heart and this movie was about achieving “foolish” dreams because they have to do with things like acting and music. I sincerely loved this film and I plan on buying it on DVD the day it comes out so I can relive the magic over and over again. I look forward to the day that this becomes a play so I can see that as well. (I’m sure it will become a play because it’s just that good)

Anyway, if you have the chance to see it while it’s in theaters I highly, highly recommend it.

I figured it warranted a blog post because it was a really great evening.



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